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Thanks to a series of hugely popular productions staged by our guest Kris Lythgoe (son of Nigel – the British American Idol producer), America has now fallen for panto’s thigh-slapping mix of slapstick humour and classic fairytales. But the version which is now packing theatres in the States is a Disneyfied update featuring chart topping pop songs performed by casts including Hollywood superstars and top Broadway names.

Like his famous dad, Kris Lythgoe has the magic touch for creating and producing award winning productions such as TV’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Who Are You.’  But his passion for introducing kids to the art of live theatre, is spreading across the US and this holiday season American families in San Diego, Pasadena, Laguna Beach and Houston will chiming in chorus “he’s behind you” and “oh no he didn’t” in true Brit style.

Don’t miss this informative show with Kris Lythgoe as he chats to Caroline and Claire about swapping out panto’s traditional risqué humour for American audiences, growing up with his famous dad and how his brother quite possibly invented reality TV…

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Upcoming Pantos and ticket information:

7 December–20 December · by Lythgoe Family Panto
Laguna Beach, CA
14 December–25 December · by Lythgoe Family Panto
14 December–24 December · by Lythgoe Family Panto
Pasadena, CA
21 December–31 December 2017 · by Lythgoe Family Panto


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