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You know Jeff Cohen as the 10 year old kid who played Chunk in Steven Speilberg’s 1985 blockbuster film The Goonies. It was a scene-stealing performance that should have sent him on the path to mega stardom. Instead Chunk became a hunk. He lost the weight, his voice started to change and the work dried up. “Puberty is the ultimate nemesis for a child actor – and puberty kicked me in the gut,” he says. “It felt like: ‘What am I going to do now? I’m going to be a has-been at 14 years old?’”

chunk to hunk
Chunk to Hunk

But Goonies never say die and in true Goonies style, Jeff still conquered Hollywood… but on the other side of the camera. He attended law school, worked hard and is now a leading entertainment lawyer representing the biggest names in film and TV at his own Beverly Hills based law firm, Cohen Gardner LLP.

He’s also a distinguished lecturer and active writer. His recent book – ‘The Dealmaker’s Ten Commandments’ provides a practical, no-nonsense methodology for negotiating deals, managing your time and handling crisis, all at the highest level.

Although developed in Hollywood, the real world tactics, strategies and guiding principles are vital for any business environment.

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Grab a Baby Ruth and listen to Jeff tell Claire and Caroline EVERYTHING…

So what was it really like on the set of the Goonies? Does he still see the rest of the gang? What’s all this about Chunk for President? How do you conquer Hollywood? Grab a Baby Ruth and listen to Jeff spill his guts and tell Caroline and Claire EVERYTHING….

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