Lucy Davis Photo.JPGShow 39 – Lucy Davis

She shot to fame playing Dawn Tinsley, the receptionist in the British version of ‘The Office’. But after switching Slough for the States, Lucy Davis is now rubbing shoulders with superstars AND superheroes in Hollywood. You’ll have seen her in a host of films and TV shows but perhaps the most exciting to date is this year’s blockbuster in which she stars along side Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman playing Wonder Woman’s best friend Etta Candy.

LD1.jpgHaving grown up amongst show biz gods – her father being British comedy mega star Jasper Carrott, Lucy is no stranger to fame. But life hasn’t been all plain sailing for our guest. She was diagnosed with kidney failure which resulted in her own mother donating her a kidney and she’s had a very public battle with anorexia and bulimia.

In this show, Lucy chats to Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant about finally being ‘at peace’ with her body, gaining great comfort from the practice of Reconnective Healing and how her Grandmother is keeping an eye on her from the other side. She’s mega talented, really funny, spiritual, kind, inspirational and a survivor – oh and our new best friend (we’re hoping) – don’t miss this most candid and fun episode with the wonderful Lucy Davis…

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