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How does a kid from Hartlepool end up in America, flying the world’s most expensive fighter jet F22 stealth aircraft? Daniel Robinson did exactly that – he was the first British pilot qualified to fly the supersonic jet which pilots refer to as ‘almost like God.’ Putting it simply… he went to Top Gun and being the only Brit – of course his call sign was Bond.

After the military he earned his MBA and moved to New York City to work in private wealth management. But a family tragedy called for our high-flyer to return to England and rescue his family business from bankruptcy. He turned the company around and became the UK’s SME businessman of the year in the process.

Dan Robinson’s story is an inspirational example of following your dreams and achieving greatness – even when it doesn’t all go to plan. We feel the need, the need for speed with pilot, businessman and Jiu-Jitsu extraordinaire – the very eloquent, handsome and new Brit actor in the Wood, Dan Robinson. Don’t miss this adrenaline fuelled episode…

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