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FORMER IT girl LADY VICTORIA HERVEY is putting her dreams of having a family on ice… quite literally.

The socialite, 40, who recently faked a romance with JAMIE O’HARA for a reality TV series, revealed this week she is freezing her eggs as she can’t find herself a man for real.

She said: “I am thinking I am 40 years old so it is kind of now or never. I am in the process of starting doing it. When they took blood out of me the other day I felt sick. I don’t like injections.”

Women opt to freeze their eggs so they can have a child in later life. The process involves a series of injections to assist with the retrieval, and then the eggs are stored and kept in sub-zero temperatures until the time comes for them to be fertilized by sperm, so a baby can be created.

Speaking to on the Brits in the Wood podcast, which is released today, Lady V added: “We did the blood test and scans and I am happy. I have wanted to do this for years. I do feel pretty young for 40. People are having babies a lot later now. I think I will be so relieved that it’s done.”

Lady Victoria’s recent “romance” with Jamie O ‘Hara, 30, was scripted for ITV2 reality show Showmance – which also features TOWIE’S Chloe Sims, former 5ive star Abz, Hayley Hasselhoff and Geordie Shore’s Kyle Christie.

And she confirmed that there is no chance of her and Jamie – who were seen together over the summer and in a number of loved up posts on social media – becoming a couple for real.

She said: “My destiny is not going to be in Chigwell. My life, all this stuff in my life, I have many friends in Essex, but I just, no. I’m not going to be on TOWIE.”

The scriptwriters will be disappointed.

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