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We made the Daily Mail again today (or yesterday if you’re reading this in the UK). Page 34 in the actual paper (Wednesday 30th August 2017).

In an article about the ‘One and Only’ Chesney Hawkes, columnist Sebastian Shakespeare quotes our podcast. That’s a few times we’ve made his column now. He must be a regular Brits in the Wood listener!

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In the article he says: One-hit wonder Chesney Hawkes’s father Len ‘Chip’ Hawkes was in Sixties band The Tremeloes but the One And Only singer, who now lives in LA, says he does not want his three children to be pop stars. 

‘I’m not going to say ‘You will be a musician’,’ Hawkes told the Brits in the Wood podcast. 

‘I’d rather them be accountants if I’m honest. It’s a difficult business.’ He sure knows of what he speaks.”

daily mail artIt’s always so fantastic when we get a mention in a news story as we see a dramatic rise in our listenership figures. Just shows you the power of the press!

I (Claire) personally loved the podcast with Chesney as I was such a huge fan growing up. I must have listened to “The One and Only” at least a million times in my teens. Although that didn’t help me when it came to Chesney, Caroline and I singing it on the pod. I went blank and couldn’t remember the words! (Note to Chesney: Can we do it again please?)


If you haven’t listened to Chesney’s podcast episode yet, listen here: http://po.st/8rSWdI

My 13 year old self wouldn’t have been disappointed, Chesney was one of the most wonderful,  kind, talented and interesting people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

For the full Daily Mail article click here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4835112/Paul-McCartney-s-eldest-grandson-study-Yale.html#ixzz4rJIv1Gus