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Show 24 – Kara Noble

If you lived in Britain between 1985 – 1999 you’ll recognise the husky, dulcet tones of Kara Noble anywhere. Kara was Queen of the Airways waking up most of the country on the radio every morning with Chris Tarrant.

During this time Kara befriended a publicist by the name of Sophie Rhys-Jones, who would later become the bride of Prince Edward and the Queen’s daughter-in-law.  One average day in 1988, Kara took a photograph of her cohost Chris Tarrant lifting up Sophie’s bikini top and 11 years later she was talked into selling it to national newspaper The Sun just before the royal wedding.

The national press ran front page stories calling Kara a ‘Traitor’ and a witch hunt ensued. Kara had no option but to flee Britain for good.

In her first interview in 17 years Kara opens up about overcoming this terrible time, her extraordinary childhood where Paul McCartney would pop round and play ‘Yesterday’ on his guitar and get this… meeting her now husband when he was in jail accused of killing his mother. This is a podcast not to be missed.

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