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Tony Hadley has, over the years, earned the accolade of being one of pop music’s greatest vocalists. A pioneer of the 80s romantic movement and lead singer of Spandau Ballet, Tony has had numerous chart topping singles and albums all over the world, some of the most memorable being the singles “Gold”, “Only When You Leave”, “Lifeline”, the epic “Through the Barricades” and of course the international number one “True.”

Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant caught up with Tony when he stopped off in LA to perform at the Microsoft Theatre in downtown LA.

Then in part two of this podcast we chat to British born Katharine Watford Cook, an award winning producer at the forefront of the newest revolution in filmmaking in Hollywood – 360 Degree Virtual Reality.

In the technological world of futurist film making and a predominantly very male arena, Katharine is leading the pack by immersing audiences in the story by surrounding them with 360 degrees of action in some of Hollywood’s highest grossing box office hits. You’ll have seen her work in movies such as Insurgent, The Hunger Games and Now You See Me 2.

Katharine joins Caroline and Claire in the studio to discuss her growth from Liverpudlian roots to now owning one of the most cutting edge entertainment and production companies in Beverly Hills. The future’s so bright, you’re gonna wear shades… well… 360 VR headsets.

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